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Panama Direct Trade Coffee

Direct Trade Partners of Royale Coffee Company

Bambito Estate Coffees

The farm was established in 1945.  This family run operation emphasizes quality and pursuit of excellence.

Maximum elevation on the farm is 1,850 meters.  The farm size is 15 hectors with 10 ~ 11 hectors planted with coffee trees.  Because a ridge runs down the middle of the farm, two distinct micro-climates exist with two lots in each.

The farm is mainly caturra and catuai (SP) with a small about or typical and geisha (one hector planted in 2010).  To increase output, new plantings are added each year of typical and geisha variety.

As many farms do, Bambito uses the cherry pulp for fertilizer.  The pulp is worked as compost for few months, shifting from bin to bin, then applied to each plant.  The mill removes the pulp and mucilage mechanically then sun-dried to achieve the proper water moisture.  The technique of removing the mucilage from the bean Then, if needed, drum driers can be used to achieve the desired dryness.

Cupping Notes…Buttery, apricot fragrance and aroma.  Sweet, mellow flavor  with a lingering, bright finish.

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